Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Doctor Finding Cure For HIV/ Aids

It's inspiring to know how some doctors would go out of their way to help the less fortunate people.   Dr Ann Duerr was brought up to be a scientist.  Her dad is a scientist and so she was expected to follow the same path. She did for some time until she was taken to a different path when she decided to take a post-graduate course in Asia.

While taking up her  PhD in Biologic Sciences, Dr Ann Duerr was exposed to the living conditions in third world countries.  She was floored with the challenges people living in the third world countries suffer.  From then on she promised herself to do something to help.  After finishing her PhD she started researching about parasitic diseases relevant to the third world and finish her Post Doctorate degree in Cairo and completed her residency training at Harvard and John Hopkins.

Dr Ann Duerr how spread AIDS epidemic in Africa became while at John Hopkins and decided to make a switch from studying tropical diseases to studying AIDS and finding the vaccine to cure it.  At the moment she is doing extensive research finding answers all over the world about this pandemic and have published several materials regarding biological and epidemiological determinants of HIV transmission and more.

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