Friday, April 2, 2010

Fractional Ownership

I love the city, I live and breathe the city. But sometimes when things get very stressful I would like to take a vacation where I can stay in a nice beachfront vacation home so I can have a lot of relaxing time on the beach. I imagine I would bathe in the sun and feel the gentle ocean breeze rush through my hair. I would like to soak in the sea water and enjoy an awesome view of the sunrise and sunset. 

However, owning a beachfront home remains a dream as owning a place like that would cost me a fortune. Or would it? I heard there are options to make my dream a reality. I can take advantage of fractional ownership real estate like that discussed in the an online real estate news . 

According to their article this type of property ownership allows an investor to pay only a fraction of the actual price of the property. Instead of paying the full 100% of your dream beachfront vacation home you can have your dream by paying only 10% of it. This payment mode and way of owning property allows you to use the vacation house 5 weeks a year, which is very convenient for those who live and work in the city. I think this is the best deal ever, especially the one from the Emeral Island vacation hom investment where you can vacation in North Carolina every year; in your own beachfront home. Now that's smart real estate investing!

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