Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank God For Truck Liners

Its been a while since it rained here in Manila and todays short drizzle was very much appreciated. I've noticed the past few days that most of the trees in the Quezon City Circle and along the highway are getting wilting in the heat and in a few days without rain they will all die.

I saw some fire trucks the other day and instead of killing fires they were tasked to water the plants and trees. This El Nino is so bad that most of the agricultural crops and farm lands are drying up and cracking. I don't think truck liners can't do anything to keep the moist in the soil too. That's a trick some farmers used to keep the soil damp I heard.

The heat is also giving me migraines lately. I hope there will be more rains like this like every other day to keep our cool and keep the soil moist and all the trees in the world alive.

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