Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I don't know who should we blame for the untimely demolition and reconstruction of public roads and side walks  at the height of the election campaigning period.  Is it the local city engineers office or the public works and highways.  Whichever they should inform their workers to respect the right of way and the border of the public and private properties.

Just recently some public roads worker tear our front yard garden because they want to beautify the street by making the side walks uniform.  My mom was left with no choice but to invest on a good decorative planter that she can use indoors and outdoors.

I am window shopping for indoor and outdoor planters that I can give to my mom as an addition to her beautiful mini-garden.  I saw some gorgeous decorative planters that I'm sure she will love and will look good with her flowery plants.  This site I'm looking at offers free shipping and handling and a door-to-door delivery which is a relief since I am still loathing my last visit to our post office to claim a parcel.

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