Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cooking Tips

I didn't have any formal cooking lesson or attend any forma cooking class but I do cook and have attended a couple of cooking demonstrations and even joined a cooking contest for bloggers some months ago. Along the way I have come with some ideas that will make cooking much easier and fun for everyone.

Here are some cooking tips I'll share with you and I hope you find them useful:

1) Invest on quality and a bit pricey cooking pots and pans because not only your meal will be cooked right, you will be able to use them for a lifetime if cared for properly.
2) Invest on quality kitchen knives.
3) Prepare all the ingredients first than peel one ingredient at a time, this speeds up the cooking time.
4) Vegetables should be kept in the vegetable compartment in the fridge to keep its freshness.  Don't put the onion, garlic and , ginger in the same place with the other vegetables.
5) A sliced onion lose its acidity so you must use it immediately after cutting, don't store portion of unused onion in fridge.
6) Slice a mushroom on top first rather than on its side to prevent it from rolling over while you do your slicing.

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