Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Are You Ready For The Big League?

The First Speed, Agility and Quickness Camp that will be offered in the Philippines this April is a good opportunity for future varsity players and those who want to become part of the bigger basketball teams leagues like those who play for the PBA and NBA.

If you see your child has a liking for sports especially basketball then the SAQ camp will be good for them.  Who knows instead of buying New York Knicks Tickets or Los Angeles Lakers Tickets you will get to sit in the front row for free as you watch your son play in the big league.

Instead of buying sports tickets you can go purchase Disney On Ice Tickets instead to treat your friends and family for the success your child achieved playing basketball.  All because you enrolled him to the SAQ camp.
The SAQ camp is just like the Milo Summer Camp before but much better and much rigid training .

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