Friday, March 19, 2010

All Inclusive Vacation Packages This Summer

December was the last time I was in a beach for a vacation, it wasn't summer yet but well here in the Philippines everyday is a summer.  We have a lot of beautiful beach here in the country but I also want to go out of the country and see why they are raving about it.

Runaway Bay Jamaica,  the Breezes Resorts and Negril Jamaica are among the beach resorts in Jamaica I would like to visit.  I heard the customer service is outstanding and the people are very friendly and warm.  They are among the pride resorts of the land and visiting them would be a dream.

I heard there are all inclusive vacation packages offerings on the resorts I mentioned above.

I will definitely bring my camera with me and take loads of  photographs to capture the pride of their beaches.  I heard Hollywood stars frequent these beaches, I wonder if I'll bump into one of them when I get there, that would be fabulous.

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