Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ways To Survive The GFC

Everyone is now feeling the crunch of the Global Financial Crisis.  Blog opportunities are less except on PU2B. There are so many people being laid off and are expecting to lose their jobs before before the summer ends.

We should really take the ants lead about saving for a rainy day.  Stocking up as many food as they can while they can.  We should start reconciling our finances and never ever spend whatever is beyond our means.  Learn to control your impulses and I hope you were able to get a temporary insurance on your properties.

If not you can still get one now and most are at bargain prices. Just hope and pray that they are unlike those insurance companies like the CAP who's owner run with all the money and left all the people who invested in it hopeless.

We should all be very careful where we put our money, never ever believe in easy money making opportunities because there is no easy way to make money than working hard for it.  Good luck everyone.

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