Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I just finished spring cleaning today.  Just in time to welcome the Chinese New Year with a breeze.  My room looks so fresh and I feel so good.  The clutter is all gone and the pile of or rather the mountain of dirt have been swept away.

I can't believe how a small room like I have, it's about 5 meters by 5 meters, could occupy so many unnecessary stuff.  But I guess compared to condominium bedrooms mine can be considered big.   But if you compare it to rooms at the Wilmington NC apartments my room is just a closet! Haha!

Well I guess over a year of not cleaning as extensively as I did today my room virtually became a walk-in closet where I just put down stuff I brought from events like giveaways and gifts.

It's almost 2am I should be sleeping.  Good night!

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