Friday, December 18, 2009

Virtual Prepaid Credit Card

People can virtually do anything online now, buying and selling of items is one of the most popular use of internet these days. However, there are so many scams online today and some feel uncomfortable giving their credit card number online.

Well, fret no more. There is now virtual credit cards that one can use solely for online purchases and transactions. EntroPay Virtual VISA card is the first among the prepaid cards that is not tied to a persons bank account. You can use it by creating an account at EntroPay and by using their online card management system. And like any other pre paid cards you can limit your spending by the amount of funds loaded onto the card and is also categorized by Visa as a usual debit card.

The card can also be used to about one million ATMs worldwide. The best part is you get the convenience of having a credit card minus the problem of accumulating debt and you can reload anytime by logging in your account.

Opening an EntropPay account is free and you can load amount using your credit or debit card with a charge of 4.95%. You can also get payments from other merchant via the prepaid card an it will be charge 1.95% while transfer between account cost about $0.20. For such a reason you have to return funds to a personal credit or credit card you will be charged $6.00.

With this pre paid card you can now transact in multiple currencies worldwide and you can immediately find out how much will you be charged before you finish a transaction.

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