Friday, December 18, 2009

Gold And Pearl Jewelry To Tame A Cranky Wife

I learned something a couple days ago when almost everyone around me was grumpy. I learned that the people's response to you is a reflection of how you respond to them. Like if they were grumpy to you and you respond cranky to them then that will spark a huge argument and misunderstanding. To avoid such you should respond not according to how they acted but how you want the situation turn out to be.

If they are being annoying or irritating respond cold or detached with their anger and keep repeating to yourself that "My good mood will not be affected by your good mood" then leave if you can. If you can't just hold their hand or embrace them and tell them "You look so cute when you are cranky."

But it also depends on who was being irritable and your relationship to them. If it's the husband and wife a gold and pearl jewelry will do the trick! Oriental pearls sells fresh water and cultured pearls at half the price you get from jewelry store because you don't have to pay for the middleman's fee. All jewelries sold here are authentic and of high quality that will truly get the nod of your wife.

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