Friday, December 11, 2009

Gift For Smoker Friends

As much as you hate seeing and smelling the stench of smoke from your smoker friends, they can't seem to kick the bad habit away. Here is a healthy way for you to enjoy their company and for them to stop smoking nicotine and smell like tar, electronic cigarettes.

It's smokeless, it's odor less, it's healthier, it's cheaper than real smoke and it's non-flammable and this is the best alternative your friends and loved one can have to smoking.

The electronic cigarette kit has 2 rechargeable lithium batteries, disposable flavored cartridge, wall adapter, usb charger, a manual and gift box for packaging if you intend it as gift. Each kit is sold at $59.95 and a refill of 10 smokes which is equal to 1.25 pack of real smokes is about $18.95.

The flavored cartridge comes with atomizer so instead of exhaling smoke it will be mist. Cartridges comes in 10 different flavor, apple, peach, cherry, almond, menthol, strawberry, vanilla, regular, coffee and chocolate.

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