Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Clean-up Software

I'll be reformatting my computer soon because it's ridiculously slow lately. I guess because I have too many unnecessary files stored cluttering my PCs memory. But before I do that I need to sort out files, rename folders and deleted files that are duplicated but this will be a hard task. I will also be installing new windows, probably a Windows 7 and will be getting another stick of RAM.

I want to try out this free duplicate file finder software to make my computer clean-up easier. It can find repeated files saved and you can immediately select which file you want deleted without without any hassle.

However I am kinda apprehensive using this Clone Remover program because most of the files I have are photos and I don't want to lose them because they can never be replaced. They are memories of the past captured.

Call me the modern day pack rack but I won't let go of a photograph. If I lose my memory and want to take a glimpse of my life pictures will be very handy for me to see who I was, who were my friends, and what made me happy at a certain point in my life.

I wish someone could give me a feedback on how this thing works so I can have an easy clean-up of my files and PC.

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