Thursday, August 6, 2009

Latest In Trade Show Displays

I am such a sociable person. I am happy when I am surrounded with people. I am happy when I feel positive vibes around me. Blog events are always happy because the organizers have one desire to make their attendees happy and to make a nice impression about the product, place or person they are promoting.

A great way to make an impact is a well decorated venue, complete event paraphernalia where almost anything you can place your company's logo or the product or person to endorse can be immediately seen.

Recently I noticed some promotion companies strategically used some trade show flooring to display their logo or message on the flooring. Which I think is a bright idea. Some use foot prints, logo mats, spot lights and stickers and the people are attracted to it immediately.
For outdoor events using a logo canopy is the way to go especially in fairs and festivals.

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