Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Limo vs. An MB

I was expecting to be fetch by a limo during the event I attended last Friday for an opening of one of the establishment that will make up the Tourism City in the country. But sadly I was informed later that day that the limo was not available and so instead I will be picked up by a Mercedes Benz MB100 van. Well an MB is an MB but I was excited about the limousine service and arrive at the red carpet glamorously. Good thing I didn't dressed too much and instead of wearing an evening gown I just wore a cocktail dress. I mean it was too hot that day for me to dress to the nines and I live too far from the hotel to wear an elaborate dress unless I want to attract attention or robbers!

There's not much limousine rental services here in the country unlike in the States like the Chicago Limo. But I think if they are going to operate a world class resort they should have their own limousine service for their VIP guesses especially for that The Burj like hotel with butler service that they will put up soon that will cater to the A+ class.

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