Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Home Maker

It's really hard not to have any man in the house. There's no one to do the minor carpentry and repairs especially something that involves carrying a lot of stuff. Using hammers, saw and plumbing. I guess that is why women needs men to do the tough job women don't like to do because our fragile little hands can't be ruined.

But since my dad got weaker I became the handyman of this house and so I think my hands are no longer soft and delicate but rough, tough and hard. Yuck really. I wish there are cheap contractors out there I can call right away when there is a minor repair needed at home.

What do you think is better do a repair or remodel? If someone can do a good repair like the great Dallas remodeling why not right? But then again a new one would be better. So I choose none of the above.

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