Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Night Life Inspired Art

I was looking for some drawings or graphic designs that I would like to use for my new blog when I stumbled on this website and this artist who makes cool art works, Tim Rogerson. He said his inspiration comes from from outside while experiencing life and by going places and meeting people.

From the art he has created it looks like he likes to go to night clubs and bars and even Japanese restaurants. It also looks like he likes to gamble, play golf, enjoy the beach and surf and also watch ballet shows. Looks like he lives in Las Vegas to me or he frequents Las Vegas. There were a couple of guys wearing Elvis costume. It also appears like he likes to dine in a lot and meet the chef or cook of a certain restaurant he visits in person.

I'd like to use the Sushi Server, the Les Trios Chef and the Miso Hungry art he did for my food blog and use the Piano Jam or Legends for my events blog. Looks like he also enjoys listening to Jazz music and Jazz band. I'd say this guy has taste and lives life to the fullest. The colors he used for his painting are lively too. They could spice up a room if you hang one on your wall.

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