Friday, June 5, 2009

Desperate For A Renovation

This house is in dire need of a complete renovation. The doors are jammed some locks are screwed. Why? Well my daughter got this habit of kicking the doors when she is stimming and although she can be stopped sometimes we are just too busy to get to stop her immediately.
It's been raining for a week now and I just discovered so many new leaks at the recently fixed roof we had. And probably because of the earthquake just a couple of months ago I discovered a lot of cracks in the house that needs to get fixed.
Also, I need to install a new flooring because I just peeled out the old vinyl I had installed just last year. This place is falling out of place. Either it wants us to leave soon or it is in dire need of renovation before we leave. I know we will be moving out soon but that doesn't mean we have to just leave everything to rot in here right?
I need the services of the Fort Worth Remodeling to do some magic in our home. The handyman/carpenters my mom hires here are not doing their job well. This house needs a major overhaul from someone dependable and competent and can do the job right. Somebody, help!

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