Sunday, May 3, 2009

Taking Care Of My Mails

I'm so excited about moving out soon but at the same time I feel exhausted already thinking about organizing and sorting all the things that needs to be packed away and the things that will be thrown away. I feel the same way about doing the interiors in our new home and shopping for new home appliances, furniture and accessories.

I think it will take about three months before everything will be in place and so I am thinking of getting a mailbox that I will place beside the doorway so I can change my mailing info to the condo and start receiving letters in there.

I found a lot of beautiful and high quality Mailboxes on sale online right now and there are wonderful selections to choose from like the choices they have on wall mounted mailboxes and column mailboxes. They all look durable and rust proof and are fit for use as residential mailboxes and even for commercial use. Most of them are handcrafted and with lock so I am assured to have my mail safe and the mailbox tamper free.

I'm placing my orders now, one for the new home and the other for the old place so I can get it in time before the move in.

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