Friday, May 8, 2009

Student Loans

Latest data from the Department of Education show that the drop-out rates continue to soar due to the high tuition rates. Parents could no longer afford paying for their kids education so they are forced to ask them not to go to school. While some opt to work instead of studying.

In spite of available scholarship grants and the free education from public schools that is not enough to keep a student stay in school. Aside from schooling a child needs school supplies, uniform, food and other miscellaneous too.

It's crazy to know that the tuition of Pre schoolers is as expensive as paying for University studies. Parents could not help but apply for Student Loans to help them out. For scholar college students who are able to work while studying they can apply for Private Student Loans or College Loans. Terms and conditions will apply of course but at least there is some place they can run to if they want to pursue their education. Good luck!

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