Friday, May 8, 2009

Some Landscaping In The Condo

The condo we got through housing loan is big, it has two verandas and I was thinking if I could put some nice landscaping in one of them or even both. Just something nice and quaint to make the place a little refreshing and relaxing. I am just worried that my daughter will mess with though 'coz she is my little home wrecker.

Anyway the Chicago Landscaper inspired me with this idea. They can create a lasting landscape for my home and they also do free estimates. There are good landscapers from the UP Kalayaan area I saw some of their work too, maybe I will try to contact them and see what they can do with the little space that I have.

My developer said that we just need to inform them whenever a construction will be done to our place so that they can secure the place and make sure that no damage or any property will be taken or get lost.

I was also thinking of having some nice landscaping in our bathrooms I want to copy the idea of Blue Water Spa they made a very simple design out of stones and lights. The effect appeared that everyone walking inside is under the deep blue sea. Dramatic and simplistic.

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