Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Safe To Sail

October 2008 was the last time I heard about the sunken MV Princess of the Stars in Sibuyan, Romblon where more than 800 people died and only less that 500 were recovered. It was a sad experience for everyone involved, especially for the families for their loss.

An accident will always be an accident, nobody wanted this to happen. Although most claimed if the captain did not brace to face the storm that fateful June 2008 they would have been alive. However there were issues afloat that aside from human error the changes made to the ship was one of the reasons it sank. The modifications they did to it made the vessel unfit to sail.

There is a law that require all modifications should be reported to the Marine authorities including installation of Marine Accessories on a ship. Even small repairs or replacements of any Marine Parts should always be scrutinized. The government needs to be assured that they are of top caliber and pass the quality standards. I'm sure if the parts are from Stemtostern they will assured of it's quality.

Another reason why so many died in this accident was the lack of boats and life jacket around. I could imagine the movie Titanic in this one.

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