Friday, May 15, 2009

Make Your Own Vegetables And Livestock

With so many type of diseases and viruses spreading around, I couldn't help but either be paranoid or simply ignore the things I hear and just leave it to faith if I am bound to get ill and die. Hah! But of course when it comes to my daughter I always want the best for her and so it leaves me to worrying what is not and what is safe for her to eat.

Although our Department of Health assured us that we are still swine flu free and we were not hit by the bird flue just recently I guess the best way to go is grow your own food. If you have spare space on your backyard then just make your own vegetable garden and livestock. If you don't have backyard then convert your laundry area or garage and build a chicken coop using this chicken coop plans.

Green Roof Chicken CoopChicken Coop Plan

Don't worry! This things is safe and easy to clean and it guarantees your hens to lay more eggs and grow healthy for your personal consuption. You don't have to worry about the smell too because they cover the odor naturally.

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