Sunday, May 10, 2009

Enjoying Arts and Pottery Safely

One of my favorite subject when I was still in school was all my Art subject. It is where I get to express myself freely and where I get to create beautiful things with my hands.

I like to play with crayons, pastel colors, water colors, art papers, pencil and paint and also like doing some crafts with any material that the teacher requires. One of my favorite things to do was pottery although the best thing I created was a big soup bowl, I was proud I was able to make one.

Pottery is such a fun and messy art that I would like my daughter to try if I could get some pottery supply from AMACO/Brent. They provide non-toxic lead free clay materials and glazes suitable for my daughters age.

It will be great if I can teach her to love art and create something with her hands instead of breaking them which is her habit right now. It would be great if we could have this air dry clays and use dry glazes on them and display them in the house after their done.

AMACO/Brent is one of the leading suppliers of clay and glazes that is safe for kids
of all ages. Their products are non-toxic lead free glazes that can be used for chilJustify Fulldren in grades K-12 and lead free glazes that are suitable for children in grades 7-12. But of course they recommend an adult supervision whenever children use clay and glazes. The also have other art supplies like brushes and molds for sculpture making. Prices are very affordable and they have a hundreds of their products listed including the price.

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