Saturday, May 2, 2009

Beach Trend

Is there a way you can disguise an ugly scar or stretch mark while enjoying strolling under the beautiful sun at the beach?

Well, one could use the very trusted bandanna or scarf or wear some nice chiffon summer dress or use body make-up to cover them. But that could smear off when you dip in the water.

A great idea is to wear some henna tattoo or real tattoo if you are that brave. They are very common these days and are very nice to look at so even if you have unsightly stretch marks or scar on certain area you can dress it up with a tattoo.

If you want more ideas on how to wear a tattoo you can simply join this tattoo chat room, I'm sure the people from here have more ideas about strutting a tattoo. You can even ask them to create a design for you that will suit your personality. There are hundreds of tattoo enthusiast in there that you can talk to and the membership is free.

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