Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wilma Galvante Vs. Anabelle Rama

One of GMA 7 Top Executive Wilma Galvante seeked the intevention of a court to restrain talent Anabelle Rama from her continuously putting her into shame in public that puts her executive position in an awkward position.

Being an educated person while the other is not I think she did the right move because with the likes of Ms. Rama, mother of the famous Gutierrez siblings Ruffa, Richard and Raymond and wife of Eddie Gutierrez, who is known for her uncalled for outburst she can't be stopped. So the best way is to let the authorities step in to calm her down and make her think of her actions first before doing some crazy outburst in the future.

Ms. Galvante filed damages with application for a temporary restraining order against Ms. Rama. This is a typical personal injury lawsuit that the lawyers at the can easily handle.

Anyway which side do you take or will you take any side at all? GMA 7 said they are stepping away from this case because it's a personal matter. The Gutierrez siblings also said the same and even the talents of Ms. Rama.

It's all about the money baby, so good luck to both of them. May the best lawyer win the case!

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