Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Underneath Your Clothes

I was reading (finally) the Confession of A Shopaholic book I got from the movie premiere I attended last month and I couldn't help but smile a bit with some similarities I and Rebecca Bloomwood share. You see she is a shopaholic who loves to itemize every piece of clothing she wears in her mind just as exactly how the movie previewed it where Becky was strutting New York gleefully proclaiming to herself about her Gucci Bag.

I could relate to her concept of undergarments/ lingerie. She said something like "I know people won't see me walking in the street wearing my underwear but I wish they could see what I am wearing right now!" That's not how exactly she said that but that's the idea.

People don't really see what's inside your clothes when you walk but a good underwear creates the confidence of a woman and I believe a good underwear gives that perfect silhouette. Cheap undergarments will make you look like a drab and sometimes can be so uncomfortable to wear.

However, wearing sexy lingerie is different, everyone can look very attractive and sensual in it. Size, color and style doesn't matter, there's something about these things that every woman in the world should have. But you can never go wrong with a babydoll style, it's cute and sexy at the same time.

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