Thursday, April 23, 2009

Plus Size Fashion

This sleeveless cardigan is one of the items I want my best friend Christine and my good friend Yoyah to have because it is very versatile because of the cut and the color that they can pair it with the other items in their closet. Layering is the in thing today and having this worn button down will create an illussion of thinness because of the long line it will create.

It will go well paired with this flowery tunic top that can be worn on its own worn with jeans or a black or white leggins.

Being on the plus size doesn't mean you can't be fashionable right. These are some of the items that I found found at Simply Be, Plus Size Dresses that are chic and comfortable. They have more items in there that your plus size friends will love from shoes, bags, skirts, tops and accessories. They can definitely make a statement with the cut and style made just for them.

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