Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Love Psychic

Do you believe in fortune tellers? Me, I do and I don't. It's a personal bias really. See when a fortune teller tells me something good I embrace it and believe in it because I believe that whatever the mind can conceive the body will achieve. It's like a self fulfilled prophecy. But when I was told something bad I disagree right away but will be mindful of everything I do that can make such thing happen.

I am kinda superstitious too. I mean since I know things I can do to invite luck in my life there's nothing to loose if I do it right?

One of the topics I like to consult to a love psychic is about the course of my love life, if I will be happily ever after or will fall down and break my crown for being crazy in love.

It's fun to hear the things a psychic will tell you because most of them will tell you what you like to hear. Actually I think they are more of a love counselor because aside from giving you insight about your future they will also give you unsolicited advice on how to make your love life blossom.

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