Monday, April 13, 2009

Living In A Colony Of Destroyers

My parents house is 19 years old although yearly there are renovations or additions, I can say our house needs a major overhaul. Some of the wood used for the divisions and the roofing were infested by termites years ago, some we did not even notice until the repairs we did recently. I was surprised to know that the my bedroom door frame was totally devoured by termites and what was left was just the "outer shell" of the wood.

No wonder there were lots of times at night time that winged termites or swarmers or what we call in the local language "gamu-gamo" that are flying towards light sources. I just learned that when these gamu-gamo are the reproductive type of termites, and we often mistake them as "flying ants". If you see them somewhere that means there is a colony of termites nearby. So if you see them coming out of your house and flying elsewhere, that's a bad sign it means there is a colony of termites in your home!

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