Friday, April 17, 2009

Get To Know More About Punks

Honestly I don't understand the punk culture. I tried to research the meaning of being punk and most of it connotes negative things.

Well, it won't hurt if we try to reach out to these people, that is if they want us to intrude in their lives. One way to talk to them is probably join this Punk Chat Room and hear what they have to say.

You don't have to talk to them right away just read through the lines and just see whats going in their mind and probably if you feel comfortable talking to them then go ahead and jump in the conversation. Everybody needs a friend I think even if they appear distant. Someone just have to move away from their comfort zone and make a move.

Joining the chat room is free and if you don't want to go on the live group chat then you can find an individual to talk to among the hundreds of members in there. Good luck and have fun.

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