Saturday, April 18, 2009

Floor Check

I received a good news from my real estate adviser, she said that my application for the housing loan was approved and I will just have to wait for the notice for loan take-out! I am so excited! This means I will have a prime property in my name now! Woohooo!

I went to the property last month and since it will be turned over bare I need to do some interior decorating and have to instruct the decorator to install an easily maintained flooring (I have in mind something that is easy to clean and not so slippery) that will suit my family's lifestyle. I'm not sure about having carpets installed though.

I know there are good contractors here like that of Seattle flooring who will do a visit at the property and do some measurements before making an actual bid. They will provide all the materials, supplies, and labor cost in the bid and can give an estimate for the completion of the project and the payment terms.

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