Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fashion Jewelry

One of the most practical things ever created to spice up a wardrobe is a fashion jewelry. If you live in the busy city full of different characters, strutting with an expensive real jewelry makes you a target of the bad elements blending with the crowd on a busy day. Losing a piece of an expensive diamond earrings also lessens its value because you have lost a pair while running an errand. That will be a bummer right?

But of course common sense would tell us not to wear such expensive jewelry when out in a crowd of nameless and faceless people right? If you want to flaunt your ice make sure you flaunt it at the right place and the right time and not just anywhere or later feel sorry for loosing such valuable items.

But my hunny does not believe in fashion jewelry and they call them junk jewelry which is good because I am assured that he does not give me fake and cheap ones right?

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