Friday, April 3, 2009

An Anime Lovers View On Dragon Ball Evolutions

It's sad that I was not able to watch the Premiere of Dragon Ball Evolution because I went to another event that day and well I cannot be at two places at the same time so I choose the one I cannot get to see again.

Anyway, I heard the movie was nowhere close to the original Dragon Ball Z anime that I love since I could remember. The setting was different and the one who played Goku was too western. Even the setting was too western.

I think they did not give justice to the Dragon Ball Z anime lovers loved. I think it will be best if they changed the title to something else but not Dragon Ball. I mean Goku is Asian not American!

This will be a great topic to discuss with fellow anime lovers from the Anime Chat. I think some would agree about my opinion and some would not. I think it will be interesting to hear their opinion. I think they will have some other title and anime character title for that movie.

I bet I will look like a newbie in that chat room full of anime lovers. I bet some of them even join cosplay like some people I know here who organize such events. I wonder how people in this chat room meet up? Do they wear their favorite anime character? Interesting!

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