Saturday, March 14, 2009

Try Fish Around The World Platter @ Fish & Co.

I was one of the lucky bloggers who sampled this newly launched dish at Fish & Co. and I say everyone should try it out.

Now, you don’t need to travel around the world to get the best taste of it. This summer, get hooked with your continental seafood cravings as Fish & Co. launches its Fish Around the World Platter and the new Fish & Chips MALAYSIAN, PHILADEPHIA, INDIAN and JAPANESE world flavors!

Here in Fish &n Co., the food is good and fresh, as expected, and it's so fresh, it’s served straight up in a pan! Fish & Co. took this cue from the simple practices of Mediterranean fishermen who caught seafood fresh and cooked them immediately in the pan, and made it their own. Favorites are Mussels, Calamari, and Fish and Chips, Seafood Platters and a specialty menu of their own home creation drinks and desserts.

This is not your usual fish and chips that tastes vaguely of breadcrumbs soaked in oil that could have fish in it somewhere. Using only the freshest fish and seafood, as well as natural ingredients like olive oil, herbs and various spices; Fish & Co. pans out great tasting meals in generous portions, all the better to feed you with. At Fish & Co., all seafood is prepared in a simple straightforward manner, letting the ingredients speak for themselves, while served up in their own fishy flair.

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