Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Know More About Mormons

I blogged about the Later Day Saints Movement couple weeks ago and I am surprised how the LDS Chat City is really promoting this chat website for this religious denomination only. I barely know about LDS honestly and there are different stuff I've heard about them that some group practice multiple marriage while some don't and some are known as the Mormons. Or so that's what I've gathered noting that they were the publisher of the book of Mormons.

Anyway, I did not know Mormons go to chat rooms until now. Yeah a big misconception, I mean I thought they live a simple life and do simple things no high tech stuff. They have their hair shaved and wear that long dress like nuns do. Yeah I don't know that much I am just talking about according to what I saw, I never have talked to a Mormon before and maybe joining this chat room will give me more info about them. Hmmm...Maybe I should try joining this LDS Chat room its free anyway. Nothing to loose but all to gain right? What's best is that we will meet new friends and gain new knowledge. There was no restriction that non-LDS members are not allowed to join, so I guess there is no harm in joining. Check it out guys!

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