Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Want A Sexier Belly

I am not fat but I have this ugly wobbly pillow-like tummy that I hate so much. Exercise and diet does little to get rid of them especially the loose skin after losing weight so I am considering a liposuction or a tummy tuck or both. Katrina Halili is a good example of a good lipo done and she is so sexy with that flat tummy! I want one like that!

Since Belo came here in the Philippines I believe we already have competent cosmetic surgery available but if she was not around and I have the money I would travel anywhere in the world to have these ugly kangaroo belly I have.

I believe a cosmetic surgery is great because it boost ones confidence and I absolutely understand why some do it. I mean its easier to get rid of the fat and loose skin immediately and just do the maintenance to keep it that way than work your ass out to get rid of it with too little or no result at all. That can be very frustrating.

I honestly take my cue about the wonderful result a cosmetic surgery can do from Katrina Halili, nobody knew she had liposuction until Belo accidentally told the media that she did a procedure on her. Thalia is also an amazing example of liposuction done right.

If you are considering such procedure and have many questions in mind here's some Cosmetic Surgery Information you can check out and be enlightened. From this site I found out that liposuction and tummy tuck is two different procedures I can have to get rid of my pouch belly and kangaroo skin around my tummy. They also have the information about eyebags removal, cellulite removal, breast reduction or enlargement, nose reshaping and other intimate procedures to make yourself amazing!

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