Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Direct TV Anyone?

Believe it or not, I already forgot how it feels like to watch crisp and noise free TV in our home. It's been years since the cable company who used to service our aread decided to cut all lines here because cable there are more thieves than subscribers who pay. Sounds awful huh? I know that is the cost of living in a low housing area and I just can't wait to move our asses here at a very posh place soon. Yipee!

But while we are still here, not for long though, I am looking at cable TV subscription deals  I could get in the meantime. I heard the service is good no cables just a satellite dish installed and mounted on an outside wall and viola! My family can enjoy the normal TV watching experience we used to have.

With this I am looking at my daugther could enjoy her favorite show on Nickelodean and The Cartoon Network. While my mom can enjoy the movies on the all tagalog movie channel.

They offer 3 months free of HBO, Showtime and Stars, a free HD, DVR or HD DVR receiver where I can enjoy over 265 channels and 60 plus premium channels. Oh my! Will I ever have the time to blog in case this gadget is installed? But wait there's more I heard I can watch TV on my computer with this gadget too. Great. OK! Got to go I'm making a call!

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