Monday, March 16, 2009

Be All That You Can Be

What is important for a man to be truly happy? Do what he wants or do what the other people tells him to do and conform to the norms set by society? For BB Gandanghari doing what you want and being true to yourself, to men and to God is what makes a person happy.

BB Gandanghari, formerly known as Rustom Padilla had been hiding in the closet for 41 years and recalls how dark that place it that she does not want to go back in there.

"There is no use in hiding before men because God sees you anyway." "{Being out} is more. It is being able to stand naked before God. Being able to be yourself before God," she said.

BB explained that her situation is not a choice. "God made me this way. I have been struggling all my life until 2002 to live up to the expectations of being male. It was difficult. I felt something within that I was constantly denying until the day I decided to be myself."

"You know, when the time came that I realized, or Rustom realized, the he was gay, he outed himself not to man but to God. When he did that, it doesn't really matter anymore what other people say or what the industry says, what the society says." she expounded.

You can read a more in-depth interview on BB here.

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