Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thank God For Medical Assistants

Last week I went to see my daughters pediatrician because I lost her prescription. Unfortunately my doctor just left a few minutes after I arrived and will not be back until the next day. Luckily my doctors medical assistant, Karla, was there and is already familiar with me. So I told her about my problem and she was very helpful and said she will call me as soon as she have a doctor give me the prescription I needed. Just a couple minutes later she was able to give me one. She is heaven sent because my daughters medicine is good for that day , without it she will be restless and fussy, not a good sight!

I think medical assistants are equally as important as nurse and doctor. They keep track of a patients medical records and basically understand some medical terminology. They are the front liners of every practicing doctor, without them I think doctors will be very much confused and would be running amok trying to keep up with their patients records.

Karla said she wanted to be a nurse but because she failed her nursing board exam twice she was forced to find another profession somehow related to it that's why she landed on this job. She said she took a distance learning course in one of the medical assistant schools here in the country since she was already working as a secretary that time but needed an accreditation for this job. I don't know where she could have taken this course but I heard St. Agustine School of Medical Assistants offers this online education option.

She said she wanted to go abroad that time before because she heard job opportunities are great in the U.S. But opted to stay since she was already given good opportunities here by the doctors she worked for.

Distance learning or online education I think is the best way for anyone who wishes to pursue their education or attain accreditation to a certain profession and still continue working. This gives an "online student" the time and prerogative when and when to finish his course. I am actually planning to enroll online for special education and practice what I learn with my daughter.

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