Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spend Less On Prescription Glasses

I am so glad that I have 20/20 vision or else I will not be able to do as easily what I do now write and stay in front of the computer even in the dark for hours. I think its in our genes. My mom do not wear reading glasses but she can see clearly. Although I remember her ages ago when she used to wear those correction glasses, I heard they were expensive, especially 20 plus years ago when inexpensive prescription eyeglasses cannot be purchased unlike what Zenni Optical has to offer for as low as $8 at Zenni Optical. Not a bad deal for this one:

This one is for $29.95 and is suitable for multi-focal prescriptions. With the global financial crisis in mind this is not a bad deal. I agree to what the New York Times article said about being wise with our spending and find ways to do so.

New York times acknowledge Zenni Opticals affordable yet durable eyeglasses with anti scratch coating noting that their eyeglasses with generic frames are a real practical choice for everyone these days. I read from that article that prescription glasses would cost up to $118, that is more than $88 saving already. With that savings I do not think I would feel guilty to get a back-up frame.

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