Saturday, February 7, 2009

Should I Make The Move?

After purchasing my own domain almost a month ago, I am now seriously thinking of moving to a new web host because I wanted to move away from the free blog platform I am using to get more opportunities.

However, I am still having apprehensions because I don't want to experience the same problem Aerin and some other blogger I know about their blogs because they are always experiencing downtime and that can be very frustrating.

Another reason why I still don't want to make the move is because I don't know how. See, I've been doing all the changes in my blog, from purchasing my domain to designing my blog. They were an easy task to do compare to moving to a new web host since I don't know how the new web host will turn out and if their blogging platform is as user friendly as the one I am currently using.

I am no webmaster and all tweaking I've done with my blog are self-taught. I still need more time to think about getting a new web host, I think I need to prepare myself more before I do this. I should be very careful because I don't want to loose all the data I have in my blog now, that is equal to more than a years work! I will have to read more about the web hosting available in the market today and make sure if ever I decided to change my web host I will get the one which is user friendly and has good times with the up times.

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  • Maddy said...

    I wish I could help but sadly I am a complete ignoramous on the technical side of blogging.

    Wishing you a thoughtful debating weekend!

  • Buddha said...

    I am bloggin with blogspot and I am very pleased with them.
    - the technical support is great
    - they are Googleliciously reliable and can handle my 20 visitors daily stampede just fine.
    - they are free
    why would you want to move for?

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    @ MAddy hi thanks for the blog visit. Yeah I will contemplate about this further.

    @ Buddah yeah I agree I love the blogspot platform and I don't think I can do this without them I'm so used to it. I want to move for financial reason :) but still thinking about it.

  • Anonymous said...

    No problems if you dont want to be specific but I am contemplating starting a blog and was wondering if you could tell me why you will be able to be better off financially of you use a different platform.

  • earthlingorgeous said...

    Hi Anonymous because some paid to blog platforms out there don't like blogspot blogs that's all.

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