Thursday, February 19, 2009

Seniors Way Back Into Love?

I remember during the Holidays my aunts from my mom side, all her sisters, came here for a visit. My Aunt Miling who has been residing in U.S. for more than 20 years now teased my mom asking her to fix her visa to the U.S. so she can come with her and probably meet a new love of her life. All my aunts, inlcuding my mom are widowers now by the way. Mom resisted and teased my aunt back by saying why don't she do that herself, find a new husband to replace my uncle. Then the attention reverted to their youngest who has been a widowed for more than 40 years maybe she should try another hand at love since she was the one who was alone for a long time.

She just laughed and said she is afraid to love anymore because she think she is cursed since all suitors after her husbands death all who attempted to marry her dies. Yikes!

Anyway, I think they are all shy to admit that if they would they could, maybe a discreet way to do it is to find someone online who knows. I would recommend this Senior Chat Rooms to my youngest aunt but not to my mom though hehehe. At least they are all on the same wave lenght since it's dedicated to senior citizens. Who wouldn't want someone to grow old with, oh wait, enjoy being old with for the rest of their life right?

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