Saturday, February 21, 2009

Report Text Scam

It's amazing how these text/SMS message scammers get hold of mobile numbers of private people. Like for example my number which is a private number and not listed in marketers call list but I still get those text message scams.

I remember two incidents on different occasion. One claimed to be my brother and said he was in the hospital, he was asking me not to call him but just send him a load for his cellphone because he ran out of load. He was asking for a P150 load. Isn't that pitiful?

Another incident was a guy claiming to be a lawyer for one of the top honcho of one of the biggest TV network here in the country, GMA 7. He message me telling me of my winning on some kind of electronic raffle they were doing and was asking me to message him back immediately. He name dropped someone I personally know and I knew it was a scam immediately. What I did was call the guy and ask where did he get my number and where is their office. He gave me their office location and told me that he got my number from a random computer program they use in the office and then he hung up sensing I was investigating.

Anyway if you experienced similar incidents like someone asking for some money or telling you that you won a prize, I suggest you report the number immediately to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) at +63 (02) 9267722 during office hours only and that is from 8am to 5pm only.

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  • lavezarez said...

    Thank you for this information. I recently received a text scam, and when I spoke to the person on NTC (with the number you posted on your blog above) I further got this following information:

    email address:
    attention to: Engr. Froilan Jamias
    body of email: mobile number of the scammer and the text message itself

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