Friday, February 27, 2009

Got Tattoo?

My honey is planning to get a tattoo with the emblem of Mercedes Benz in some undisclosed part of his body. He's been telling his friends and relatives about this plan a long long time ago but still not got that tat yet. His 18 year old son got a couple, even his daughter, and sister and cousins.

It's fun to see their tattoo and if I am not afraid of needles I would have got one. But since I am all I am able to get are fake and temporary ones like a henna or a sticker tattoo. Me, my sis and my nephew got some henna tats on our hands one summer and it lasted for two weeks.

What's fun about having a tattoo or planning to have one is the discussion about the design, the color and the placement. At Tattoo Chat you get to hear all sort of stories about why did they get a tattoo, what age they got the tattoo, the history behind the tattoo, who designed it and what type of new tattoo they will have in the future. I think tattoos are fun it's some kind of body art and shows the artistic but daring side of people.

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