Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gadgets That Can Save Lives

Do you have a loved-one who is in their senior years or with disability and medical condition or children with disability like autism but it's impossible for you to look out for them 24 hours a day.

Well, I chance upon these gadgets that I believe could really save lives and free busy people with their worries about their loved ones when they are away. If I knew such device existed, I wouldn't hesitate to get one before my father passed away so I could be beside him on his death bed and we could have said our goodbyes much better.

He could just wear this gadget and the Medical Alert will immediately send emergency response people and I could have dropped everything that I was doing to be with him. But no, I never knew of this gadget before and it's all done, what I can do is prevent the same to happen again with the family members I live with at the moment.

Being the only "healthy/capable" member of this household at the moment since my sister is abroad, we could use this for my mom who has a high blood pressure and my daughter who has autism. It's like having a live helper around the home to watch over them when I'm not there doing some important errands.

We all know that high blood pressure is dangerous and having your blood pressure too high can make you literally fall. Tele-assist with fall detection triggers when someone falls down and couldn't get up because there is no help around. These can detect if a person have fallen or is not moving and automatically call for help. Even if the user is not able to press the buttons help will be on the way.

The built-in live personal reminder in it is also handy for people who experience memory lapses but needs regular and on time medication. This device reminds the person when it's time for their medicine. Isn't that cool.

It also detects about a persons activity, if for example a person regularly wakes at 7am but during that time the gadget did not detect any movement, it will alarm and will only stop if it will get a response from the person wearing it.

Another gadget my sister would love is this Mobile GPS powered bracelet to keep her at peace and easily keep-in-touch with my mom any time she wishes wherever she is around the world. It can locate people indoors or outdoor and will alarm if the person is away from their safety zone.

This will also give peace to me for my daughter to use as she likes to run away and wander outside. They can easily track her location wherever she would be in case some bad person found her and took her (God forbid) but just a scenario. We all know the incredible rate of missing persons around the world and it's chilling.

The medical alert connects automatically to their 24-hour monitoring center that will dispatch the appropriate help. These gadgets are actually good for people who live alone. Each gadget has a $199.95 deposit, you can choose to try the gadget out for three months for $39.95 a month or for 12 months at $34.95 a month. Not a bad deal I think.

Although they can only be purchased in U.S. and Canada at the moment, their GPS tracking device can used anywhere in the world.

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