Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Valentine Halloween Costume Party

There are lots of possibilities where you get to use Halloween costumes and not just for Halloween. Themed parties for one and Valentines Day party are no excuse in fact it's one of those perfect occasions to done up a costume.

A great party concept and something out of the ordinary romantic Valentine party would be a sporty World Cup theme where guys can wear a football uniform while the ladies come as cheerleaders! Woohooo! Tonight would be the best night to have this party and have a Friday the 13th Valentine Halloween Costume Party, the perfect time to wear something outrageously different!

Yeah I know it's not romantic, but did you know that it's easier to know a person in an hour of play than an hour trying to be serious? Well, OK if you insist we can do the common Hearts Day party however costumes are mandatory to add spice to this very used concept. What's more aside from the costume everyone will be given a piece of a broken heart at an entrance and at the cue of the host everyone will search for their missing piece! Now that is sweet, right?

Actually I organized this kind of party long time ago and it was definitely fun. There were boots around the venue like a fair, a kissing booth a marriage booth and a divorce booth (if you get the partner you don't really like!)

It will be fun to see people come as Greek Gods and Goddesses like these:

This Greek Goddess costume is so perfect and personally I would choose this as my costume. I think I saw Anne Kurtis Smith wore this on Vicky Bello's birthday bash. While Dingdong Dantes wore this Gladiator costume which is really perfect for them. Probably they got the costume from this site where the Athena costume is sold for $89.95 and the Gladiator Costume is for $54.95!

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