Saturday, February 21, 2009

Building My Dream Home

When my mom first purchased our own home she did not think about home plans, home designs and floor plan. All she wanted was to get our own place so we will no longer suffer the disadvantages of renting. Our house was built not even having any architect to supervise it and so later we paid the price and had repairs and renovations almost every year.
I found my dream home! Photo courtesy of
How I wish I knew so that we could have created our real dream home. I was browsing at their website and was impressed about their search options for home plans. There are three boxes that you can choose three important features of a new home you want to build.

I went out to try with cost as my first priority, number of bedrooms and number of bathrooms and my jaws dropped, I was given several gorgeous home plans from a luxury home plan to a log home plan for as low as $750.

Click on a home plan you want and it will show you the plan packages price and an opportunity to see if you can afford to build this dream home by typing in your postal code and viola! If you love the home plan you can also print it out or you can modify it to suit your need. Very impressive. I will definitely bookmark this website for future use and recommend to friends who are building their own homes.

Sample home plan of my dream home courtesy of

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