Thursday, February 12, 2009

Book Your Dental Check-up Online

My daughter recently lost her front teeth and the second one is about to go too. She has some gaps and it would be great to have a dentist that could cater to her dental health.

If my daughter and I are just living near Natick, Massachusetts I wouldn't hesitate to book my daughters next dental health check-up online at Dr. Aleid Family Dentistry. Yes, isn't that cool they offer online booking. I heard it will take months to get a dentist schedule in the U.S. so this is a great help. For emergency cases after office hours you can also call them at 1-500-653-1832 and they will fit you in their schedule as soon as possible.

Being a family friendly dental clinic Dr. Alied Family Dentistry accepts patients from two years old to beyond 100 years which means everyone because everyone deserves a good dental health care.

Aside for regular children dental care Dr. Aleid offers their services for senior citizens too and offer a monthly special for them too.

Other services they offer are teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, tooth fillings, root canal, dental implants, dental sealants, crowns, fluoride treatments, bite guards and more.

For expensive procedures like major dental procedures such as implants or veneers Dr. Aleid Family Dentistry is a partner with Credit Care which offers Dental Credit Care Financing you can check their website to know more about this.

I am also impressed with the three core values Dr. Aleid practices:
1) Preventive Dentistry where they will help and advice a patient to develops better oral health, which leads to better general health.
2) Conservative Dentistry and use the Least Invasive Dental Procedure you need to preserve tooth structure whenever possible.
3) Honesty and integrity in their work as they believe they are their most important asset.

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