Friday, February 13, 2009

Beware Of Your Sinful Organ

"Beware of this sinful organ, I shall not mention by name.
It give man so much pleasure ...
but causes much regret and shame.
Though its only a small roll of flesh...
from it all mischief has sprung.
I will now show you this monster," and then the pries brought out his tongue!


Funny but so true. I admit I am guilty of saying more than I should of hurting people by saying hurtful words when I am at the height of my anger. Sometimes even if we say sorry, the damage is already done. Can really making up for something we said makes us forget what was said? I don't know, in my case I remember. It's funny because I have a very short term memory but these kinda things gets stuck on my head and in my heard. It's ugly I know so I should remember what this priest did and said. Right?

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